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TBT: Leather Lessons

"Why is leather synonymous with luxury? Think rebel: like leather-clad ‘50s icons exploding the constraint of the drab and the ordinary. Think primal: leather’s deep roots in nature—where, as with diamonds, no two sources are exactly alike. And think Mitch Alfus, the leather genius best equipped (and dressed) to elaborate: 'Leather is a fabric in and of itself,' says Alfus, whose New York company, Libra Leathers, has stretched it into stunning evolutions."

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A Dream Come True

Once upon a time, a little boy named Stacey Roscoe encountered a car that would inspire a life-long passion: a 1958 Lincoln. When he grew up, Stacey search until he found a 1958 Continental convertible that was pretty beat up, but salvageable. With a little TLC, it's back in all its glory.

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A Path to Virtual Reality

"Early jobs in venture capital and animated film production allowed Eugene to absorb the lessons of tech investing and the possibilities of storytelling through animation before landing at the leading VR technology company just as it was finding its footing. As its first head of film, Eugene was perfectly positioned to explore the burgeoning technology, and after the company was acquired, he seized the opportunity to create his own studio, one that focused on the emotional possibilities of virtual storytelling."

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Ode to Oysters

"If you’re one for a little meditation, you know of that blissful moment when thoughts finally silence and complete presence ensues. Arriving at Little Skookum Bay in Puget Sound is essentially like immersing yourself in a whole landscape of that."

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Razor Rituals

When's the last time you used a straight razor to shave? Have you ever? In world where technology is taking over more and more, the Portland Razor company creates good old-fashioned straight razors that can add an artful quality to your daily routine.

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Finding Flavor

"The path to Pago was one that spanned fifteen years and multiple countries. In the 90’s, Scott began his career as a professional snowboarder, traveling far and wide and working every job in the restaurant industry to finance his pursuits on the slopes. After his third promotion from cook to manager, he took a mental step back and thought, I might be pretty good at this restaurant thing."

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A Genre Reborn

A Lincoln Now article that was published several month back is sure to be revisited this week following Sunday's Oscars, as it looks at director John Maclean and his film Slow West. Speaking of revisiting, that's just what the film does with regard to the Western genre.

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Milling About

"When most people are stressed by their job, they go for a walk, a leisurely drive, or get a massage, maybe they go on a vacation. However, Mark Fischer took a different approach entirely. He retreated to the country and accidentally started an authentic stone mill business called Castle Valley Mill."

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