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The Lincoln Navigator is Ready to Hit the Road

Summer and road trips are synonymous. The smell of salty air, freedom of the open road and bountiful memories created behind the wheel--nothing compares to this highly anticipated adventure. And while snacks, playlists and maps are crucial road trips accessories, the car you choose to drive can either make or break that experience. You deserve something that not only will hold up against enduring rugged trails but cater to your every journeying need. The Lincoln Navigator is that ride. New fo
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The Lincoln Continental Is Back

Iconic architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, was seduced by automobiles' combination of beauty, power and speed, inspiring him to revolve much of his architectural designs around his mobile infatuation. This auto officiato's most prized automobile? His Lincoln Continental. However, Wright wasn't the only one who lusted over this vehicle's style and refinement; many iconic figures of his time relied on the Lincoln Continental as well. And now after a 13 year hiatus, the Lincoln Continental is set to roll out a new generation.

Wright would be in awe because this the 2016 Lincoln Continental retains its legendary details…

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Lincoln Vehicles Adapt to You

You adapt every day; you adapt to your surroundings and situations. And you are used to doing such, but what if we were to suggest that you didn't have to do it alone? Lincoln understands that adaptation can be hard, which is why its engineers have devised a lineup that is committed to making your life that much easier.

Lincoln models adapt to both you and your surroundings. Each model comes with energy efficient yet stellar performance-inclined engines and innovative features aimed at helping you better master the roads like Hill Start Assist and Hill Descent Control. And partnered…

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Matthew McConaughey Proves that There is More Than Meets the Eye with the Lincoln MKZ

The infamous Matthew McConaughey Lincoln ads seem to be the butt of everyone's jokes as of late. The dramatic poetic undertones and meandering monologues fuel water cooler banter and comedic impressions; however, the underlying message of these ads resonates with prospective buyers. "It's not about hugging trees. It's not about being wasteful either. You've gotta find that balance," McConaughey says in his latest ad. This statement stands as a testament to Lincoln's environmental and luxurious
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