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Top Reasons Your Engine May be Overheating

An engine that is overheating can be serious trouble for a Helena, MT motorist. See if you can identify one or more of the causes the engine may be experiencing trouble.

Leaking radiator hoses are a common cause of engine issues and can be fixed by having the hoses replaced. It could be something as simple as the clamps giving way or the rubber in the hoses may have failed, allowing the engine coolant to spill on to the road. The water pump is responsible for moving coolant to the radiator and block, and if it fails, the coolant can not circulate properly and cool those internal engine parts. Feel for coolant under the pump or listen for the bearing rattling around inside of the pump.

The first time the car overheats, bring it to our Lincoln service center in Helena so we can determine what was the cause and make any needed repairs so it won't happen again.

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