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Periodically Check Your Windshield Fluid For An Adequate Supply

Your windshield fluid is an important part of the overall safety of the operation of your vehicle. It is vital that you have an adequate supply at all times and to keep it full in the reservoir as much as possible.

Your windshield fluid not only needs to be spread out over the entire area of your windshield, but it also needs to be of enough quantity to be able to lubricate the movement of your wipers over the glass. So it really serves two purposes by the cleaning of the glass as well as the lubrication of the wipers on the glass.

If there is no or very little lubrication, the wiper mechanism may be damaged by unnecessary wear on the system itself, causing more expensive repairs later on.

In essence, check the windshield fluid level from time to time so that you don't run too low or run out of fluid. Stay safe and be aware of your windshield fluid level.
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